theevilspawnssays: Is Honesty so Hard?

Waiting, waiting and waiting.
For something that is fruitless.
Yet, I cant Stop myself.
From Waiting.



theevilspawnsays: Tired and Sleepy.

I vaguely remember the laughter,
I vaguely remember the happiness,

I do not recall any special outings,
I do not recall any special names,

I can barely remember the promises,

But I remmeber 16.11.09 and the rain walk.


Say What?

Theeveilspawnsays: Hello, world.

Woman : It's okay.
Girl : You sure?
Woman : Yes. Okay la.

And now, things are different. What the hell?



Theevilspawnsays: emotionally stunted.

Rachel shall not believe so easily.
Rachel shall not have too high a hope.
Rachel shall not believe in mere words.
Rachel shall not trust so blindly anymore.

"Mistakes, you will learn from" people so famously quote. How come Rachel is so stupid to believe after all that happened before? Why is Rachel letting her wall down? After all, what are human beings but selfish creatures?

Rachel shall not depend.
Rachel shall not hope.
Rachel shall not judge.
Rachel shall not be stupid.
And most importantly,
Rachel shall not be so naive anymore.


When irritation meets the will to type.

theevilspawnsays: I am in love with Eddie Peng. *drools*


Is the reaction I get when i answered the question "How did u spend ny eve?"
Is it that hard to believe that i want to spend it alone?
Is it weird that i prefer the comfort of my own home compared to sticky sweaty bodies with possible attack of body odour?
Is it such an alien thing to spend the night before 2009 with the good company of white wine and laptop?
While some may think it's pathetic, weird and generally unacceptable, I find it absolutely fine.
In fact, I had a good time.
So, please refrain yourselves when i answer that particular question.

After parents gone and having the house to myself,
I realised that I can stand being alone.
Honestly, there are times when I longed for companionship,
But being alone is not such a bad thing after all.